Principal's Message


 Our school is committed to allowing students to connect with and learn about the culture and history of Japan through various domestic study tours. Our first year students visit Kyoto and Nara for study tours, while our third year students travel to Hiroshima to learn about the social and historical significance of this important city in our country’s history. Our school sends the merits of Japan to the international society, and encourages cooperation across borders. We aim to train talented people who can grow into leaders and build a dynamic international society. Especially, our school puts an emphasis on training of human power, international power, and academic ability.

 The future world is one which will require command of English and computer literacy. In our school, we provide tablet-type PC’s to all new students. Moreover, we have the Oral Communications department which has 8 full-time teachers from various countries. Together with our Japanese English teachers we are developing lessons to improve students language proficiency from the first grade. We encourage using English in all areas of the school. Inside our staff room, students must use English.

 In our six-year curriculum we carry out two overseas study tours to England. Our second year junior high school students spend about one month in Banbury England at Tudor Hall School. Banbury is a beautiful English town located near the famous city of Oxford. Also, our 4th year students go to boarding school for 16 days in Cambridge University at Girton College. The teachers in Banbury and Cambridge are local professors so our students are taught English spoken by native speakers.

 We visit world-class museums in the city of London, and famous cultural and historical sites around England during weekend excursions. Our students also spread Japanese knowledge and culture during visits to local schools and community events. Thus, our school develops every student’s individuality and creativity and, to the utmost, encourages each to realize their dreams. We are looking forward to your entrance to Tsuchiura Nihon University Secondary School.

 Tsuchiura Nihon Univ. Secondary School
Principal Katsuji Nishiyama